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Eastern Drayage

Eastern Drayage is currently one of the largest and most sophisticated intermodal trucking providers in the U.S. Along with our highly dedicated drayage specialists, we are committed to providing our customers with 100% satisfaction both with on-time delivery and customer communication. At Eastern Drayage, we specialize in the transportation of Import and Export Ocean Containers (FCL) out of all the U.S. ports, with a very strong presence nationwide. We have interchange agreements with all the Steamship Lines and port with capabilities to deliver anywhere in the U.S. With our state-of-the-art equipment and experienced drivers, we ensure timely and secure delivery of goods, helping businesses to thrive and grow.


We focus on optimizing operations, leveraging technology to improve efficiency and visibility, developing partnerships with key players, and expanding their service offerings to meet customer needs.


Customer service is a crucial aspect of any drayage company’s operations, with emphasis on timely and efficient communication, problem-solving, and personalized solutions. It also involves proactive measures to ensure customer satisfaction, such as regular updates and feedback.


We offer custom reporting services that provide customers with detailed insights into their supply chain performance, such as on-time delivery rates, transit times, and cost analysis. This enables customers to make data-driven decisions and optimize their logistics operations.


Our dedicated offerings give our customers more control over their shipments, increased flexibility, and higher levels of reliability and security. Each account has a dedicated team in ensuring everything is handled smoothly and efficiently.


For Your Shipments

Today's world of intermodal transportation is more complex then ever. You're under pressure to provide services more effectively, securely, while controlling costs. Our team of professionals are fully engaged in delivering consistent, reliable, and timely handling of your shipments. We are staffed and prepared to devote our undivided attention to every one of your loads.

Our clients are not just one-time customers. We strive to achieve solid, long-term relationships by offering the best service, creative transportation programs and competitive prices for your shipments.

Exceeding our customers’ expectations has always been our number one mission.

We succeed at this by constantly going the extra mile.

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